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West Palm: Introducing Silverlight 2

11/25/2008 - 6:30 PM - West Palm Beach - Shawn Wildermuth - INETA Speaker

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The web is no longer a paged-based medium but has become a full-fledged platform itself. While AJAX libraries like jQuery and ASP.NET AJAX has helped writing rich applications in the browser there are many times a better experience is yearned for. That's where Rich Internet Applications (or RIA) comes in. Microsoft's foray into the RIA space is Silverlight. In this talk I will discuss the reasons that Silverlight is important and build a complete experience during the session, from soup to nuts.


Shawn Wildermuth is a Microsoft MVP (C#), MCSD.NET, MCT and author of several books. Link to http://wildermuth.com and http://silverlight-tour.com




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