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Ft Lauderdale - Citrix: Silverlight 2 : Data & Visual Templates

12/02/2008 - 6:30 PM - Ft Lauderdale - Citrix - Caleb Jenkins, training mentor, National Speaker for INETA, Microsoft MVP

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Silverlight 2 opens a whole new world of possibilities and options to .NET developers in the Rich Internet Application space. Combining the best of web application deployments with traditional Windows development, this best of breed application platform is changing the world of on-line as well as line-of-business applications. The most significant part of being a successful Silverlight developer is your ability to work well with data, and the ability to work well with designers. This talk will dig in to both!


Caleb Jenkins is a training mentor and principal with Improving Enterprises, National Speaker for INETA, Microsoft MVP, featured pres




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