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West Palm DEV: Data Binding, WCF, and RESTful Services with Silverlight 2

1/27/2009 - 6:30 PM - West Palm Beach - John Papa - INETA Speaker

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Silverlight enables developers to use their .NET and XAML skills to develop Rich Internet Applications and to build data driven Silverlight applications that communicate with multi-tier architectures. This session will show how to build Silverlight 2 applications using XAML based data binding techniques, notifications, and consume REST services. Examples will show how to use LINQ to XML to manage XML content from HTTP Responses, how to use WCF to talk to various middle tier services including custom entity models and the Entity Framework, and interact with 3rd party RESTful services from Silverlight 2.


John Papa is a C# MVP, INETA speaker, consultant, author, and ASPSOFT trainer. Look for 'Data Services with Silverlight 2' by O’Reilly, johnpapa.net




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