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Tampa UX: Improving your ASP.NET Ajax Interactions using Services

03/11/2009 - 7:00 PM - Answers Systems, 4029 Tampa Rd Oldsmar fl 34677, 6:30pm (doors open)/7:00pm (Sessions start)

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Jay Kimble will prsenting on improving your Ajax interactions using services. This presentation will focus heavily on simple ways you can build service or service-like mechanisms that interact with your pages and use a small amount JavaScript to wire up the interactions. Shawn Cady will be doing the next rung of his ongoing series on "What is UX?" (this series is the heart of what we're all about). The big prize this month is an MS Wireless Keyboard and mouse. As always we'll have pizza, additional prizes, and plenty of fun.


Jay Kimble (resident FL Ajax Wizard)/Shawn Cady




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