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Ft Lauderdale - Online: Test-Driven Database Development with Data Dude - Cory Foy - CoryFoy.com

02/02/2010 - 6:30 PM Online

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A little known tool in the Visual Studio Team Editions is Visual Studio Team Edition for Database Professionals, also known as Data Dude. This tool is a very powerful tool for anyone who works with databases - especially developers. In this session we'll show how you can use Data Dude to do Test-Driven Development on your Schema ad Data, and how you can use Data Dude to Refactor your database in incremental steps without losing your data - or your mind.


Cory Foy is an agile coach, trainer and consultant, and the owner of Cory Foy, LLC. He's a former Microsoft Field Engineer.



Live Meeting Link: https://www.livemeeting.com/cc/mvp/join?id=M3KWN7&role=attend&pw=F8swp9%2CWR
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