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ArcSig Ft. Lauderdale - Microsoft Languages Team Fall Tour - Alex Turner & Chris Granger - Microsoft Languages Team

11/17/2010 - Wednesday (not Tuesday) - 6:30 PM - Microsoft Ft Lauderdale

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Topics covered will be Deep Dive into C# 4.0 Language Features, Deep Dive into Visual Basic 10 Language Features and Tips & Tricks: Visual Studio 2010 IDE & Extensions.


Alex Turner is the Program Manager for the Visual Basic and C# Compilers at Microsoft, where he makes sure that the new language features and compiler services become a reality. Alex graduated with an MS in Computer Science from Stony Brook University and has been a speaker at PDC, TechEd and TechDays.

Chris Granger is a Program Manager on the Visual Studio IDE team. Previously the PM on Editor Extensibility, he worked to allows others to add new functionality to Visual Studio. From your own syntax highlighting, to visualizations on top of code, his job was to make sure that you could do nearly anything with Visual Studio extensions. Now his focus is on providing the best possible IDE experience for C# and VB right out of the box. He is your advocate for .NET experiences inside of VS and his job is to make you as productive as possible.




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