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IASA Florida Chapter: How Google,Walmart & Apple Make their Millions- Intellectual Property- Karin Kennedy - CWIPLAW.COM

Microsoft Ft.Lauderdale 02/15/2011 6:00PM Present. 6:30PM

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Do you have the next million dollar idea? Who owns your idea? You or your company? Someone copied your code, your website? Most engineers and business owners are unaware of the intellectual property issues that can make or break a company. Learn about intellectual property, what is it and what you can do to protect yourself. What every engineer and MBA should know about Intellectual Property -Basic Patent, Trademark, Copyright and Web 101.


Ms. Kennedy, as an Intellectual Property Attorney, has an active litigation, trademark and copyright practice. Karin advises clients with regards to websites, Internet marketing, e-commerce, protection of data and information security. She also prepares and prosecutes patent applications in the electrical and software arts. A former engineer with Daimler Chrysler, IBM, Synopsys and Tektronix, she has extensive experience developing code and working with most software programming languages, hardware description languages and operating systems, as well as experience in chip and circuit design.




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