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West Palm: Enterprise Software & Infrastructure Architecture Best Practices with Microsoft's Architect Wayne Filin-Matthews

01/24/2012- 7:00 PM - PC Professor - West Palm Beach

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ATAM (Architectural Trade Off Analysis) Understand of the Architectural trade-offs that both Software and Infrastructure Architects need to manage when setting customer expectations. Articulate the customer-trade-offs and tools available to architects when making these pragmatic decisions. Putting into practice defined trade-off analysis techniques that help customers come to informed architectural decisions based on identified and qualified requirements. Thanks to Adroid Technology Enterprises for sponsoring our free Pizza/Soda for this meeting.


In Wayne’s own words: Currently working within the UK MCS practice, I joined Microsoft in 2008 as a Solutions Architect within the Enterprise Infrastructure team. I have a broad history within the IT industry with over 19 years commercial experience, working with companies such HP, IBM, Computer Associates and Autonomy to name a few. I have been fortunate to experience working across multiple geographies including Eastern Europe, EMEA, North and South America and the Asia-Pacific regions, which has helped gain a certain respect and cultural viewpoint on the industry as a whole. I have a passion for the Architecture profession and have thoroughly enjoyed assisting with the Architect certification special interest group within Microsoft over the last two years, helping over 60 internal Architects gain IASA CITA-P accreditation. Outside of work I enjoy spending any free time I get with my family and friends and the adventure and personal growth traveling to new places offers, with person




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