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West Palm: ServiceStack.Net: Develop Windows Phone and Android Scalable Apps Quickly and Easily. - Will Tartak

04/24/2012 - 6:30 PM - PC Professor

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ServiceStack.net is an Open Source, High Performance, WebServices framework with lots of goodies to help you be productive serving your data in multiple formats, fast. We’ll look at how to create a REST service withService Stack that will allow us to support just about any client out there,from Server to Server communication via SOAP to mobile devices with XML or JSON. All from the same service definition. Included in the presentation will be a quick tour of a REST service being consumed by Android clients. Then a longer tour of an implementation being used by both Windows Phone & Android clientsthat was created for the South Florida Give Camp in 2011. Along the way you'll find Service Stack a great way to solve the Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) wars among many, many uses. Time permitting we’ll also look at some of the tools Service Stack ships with including, security, connectivity clients and a Redis NoSQL implementation. This event is Sponsored by DiscountASP.NET


Will Tartak has been a professional software developer and consultantfor almost 18 years. He is the President of Visual Data Solutions, Inc. and aPrincipal of ALP1, Inc., the makers of the Team Pad line of mobile sports apps.He has end to end experience in developing applications with many technologies.He designs and programs databases, middle tiers and builds applications with various front ends including Desktop, Web & Mobile. He loves discussing softwarearchitecture. In the real world he is a husband, father and grandfather. Will loves zipping around in his MINI, rock climbing and torturing himself finishing triathlons, slowly, but finishing.




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