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Coders Café How Much Does It Cost and How Long Will It Take? - Mark Turkel - Palm Beach Software Design, Inc.

01/07/2014 - 6:30 PM - Caffeine Spaces - Boca Raton

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Learn about an application Palm Beach Software Design wrote for Boca Bearings that involved Paypal Express Integration, Responsive Website in ASP.Net, and our complimentary Android app that works with .Net web services.


Palm Beach Software Design, Inc. was incorporated in 1989, with a great history of successful application development projects. We build apps and applications for web, desktop, cloud, and mobile platforms including Android, iPhone/iPad, and Windows Phone.

Our company consists of senior software developers as well as a growing support staff including artists, web developers, QA specialists, and help desk. We are an American company, and we do not outsource work.

We primarily work with growing businesses of all sizes, and have a broad range of application development experience, but we specialize in web, mobile, and desktop applications using the latest technologies such as Microsoft .Net, SQL Server, Java, HTML5, JQuery and more.

We perform many job functions: Application Development (Web (Cloud), Desktop, and Enterprise Level), Workflow Automation, Database Administration, Technical Advisors, Business Analyst, Technical Writing, and Project Management o




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