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Coders Café SignalR: Live Coding - Building a Quiz app - Damian Montero

2019-02-19 - 6:30 PM Cendyn Spaces, Boca

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This month, our co-organizer, Damian Montero will Live code a quiz app using SignalR.

If you've never heard SignalR then you'll be blown away by the ability to change the user's website even without the user interacting. Imagine how your gmail or outlook can update itself to let you know an email showed up. Or know when a stock market website will update the price instantly without needing you to press refresh.

We'll also leave how to use it with the latest Dot Net Core 2.x and we'll learn about what you can do when you want to use this amazing technology on a large website like twitter or Facebook.

Please register on meetup: https://www.meetup.com/FlaDotNet/events/258734849/


Damian Montero (https://twitter.com/damianmontero) is a developer with over 20 years experience and 5 Hackathon wins and has been doing ".NET" since classic Asp was HOT!




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