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Event Date: February 10, 2018 7:30 am - 5:45 pm

Open Topics 2 - Room 1054


Agile/Azure 3 | AI 1/Virtual and Augmented Reality | AI 2/Career Dev 2/Software Testing | ASP .Net 1/Core | ASP.Net 2 / Open Topics 3 | Azure/Cloud 1 | Azure/Cloud 2 | Career / Business Dev | IoT 1 | IoT 2/Open Topics 1 | IoT Lab | Open Topics 2 | SQL/BI | Web Development 1 | Web Development 2 | Xamarin/Mobile | All


8:30AM-9:40AM | 9:50AM-11:00AM | 11:10AM-12:20PM | 1:20PM-2:30PM | 2:40PM-3:50PM | 4:00PM-5:10PM | All

Agenda download:

PLEASE NOTE: This agenda is subject change! Updates will be posted to the web site. Check for updates on the day of the event.
South Florida Code Camp Schedule 2018-02-09.xlsx


7:30am - Registration - South Entrance
8:00am - Keynote - Lobby
8:30am - 9:40am - Session 1
9:50am - 11:00am - Session 2
11:10am - 12:20pm - Session 3
12:20pm - Lunch - Lobby
1:20pm - 2:30pm - Session 4
2:40pm - 3:50pm - Session 5
4:00pm - 5:10pm - Session 6
5:10pm - Wrap-Up - Lobby
6:00pm - After Party! - TBD

Room 2082 - Speaker Lounge
Room 1049 - IOT Lab - All day

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Building a Highly Scalable Service that Survived a Super Bowl

8:30AM-9:40AM, Open Topics 2 - Room 1054

We use encryption every day without knowing it. Whether it is our hard drives that are encrypted or we buy something online our data (hopefully!) is encrypted. But how do you build an encryption service? And not only that, how do you build one that will stand up to extreme load for a commercial airing during a Super Bowl? Very tough questions no doubt. All sorts of things must be answered like the technology stack and much more. In this session I'm going to tell you how at Quicken Loans we built one of our most important and robust services to date. I'll tell the story of how we overcame adversity of a hard deadline and how our culture played a critical role in our success. I'll also cover the technologies we used, how we chose them and tell one our greatest technical stories most have never heard of the day we launched Rocket Mortgage to the nation on Super Bowl Sunday.

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Intro PowerShell to building Cloud VM with Azure Resource Manager

9:50AM-11:00AM, Open Topics 2 - Room 1054

In this beginner session, we are taking a look at building a virtual machine in cloud using PowerShell and Azure Resource Manager commands. This demo will cover from the ground up to create a VM as the Azure documentation was not complete. It's important to understand and start using Azure Resource Manager (AzureRM). There are some pitfall to avoid before you start creating scripts.

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Welcome to the age of conversational interfaces

11:10AM-12:20PM, Open Topics 2 - Room 1054

In the age of conversational interfaces, users are increasingly expecting to interact with applications in a flexible and contextualized way. They also expect to interact with the app via multiple communication channels such as SMS, voice and lately bots. In this talk, we will go through programmable and contextualized communications, why it's a key element of apps development in the present and future? We will also learn how to add feature rich communications capabilities to your apps using Microsoft Bot Framework and Nexmo APIs.

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.NET Containerization with Kubernetes, Helm and Draft

1:20PM-2:30PM, Open Topics 2 - Room 1054

The recent release of AKS, the newest version of managed Kubernetes services for Microsoft Azure, allows developers to quickly realize the benefits of open source Kubernetes without the complexity and operational overhead of getting it up and running. In this presentation we will go from 0 to running application with AKS. We will also explore Container and Kubernetes fundamentals and take advantage of tools to get developers code to production faster.

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Blockchain as a Service (BaaS) Developer Opportunities

2:40PM-3:50PM, Open Topics 2 - Room 1054

Joe takes you on an easy to understand journey of Blockchain technology. Blockchain is the basis of Cryptocurrencies such as Ethereum, Bitcoin etc., however, extends way beyond these as a framework for Smart Contracts. To better understand developer Blockchain opportunities, Joe deploys an Ethereum simulated multi-member network in Azure, consisting of a set of load-balanced transaction nodes with which an application or user can interact to submit transactions and a set of mining nodes to record transactions.

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Using PHP to connect Cuba to the Web, via Email

4:00PM-5:10PM, Open Topics 2 - Room 1054

For the past two years now, Salvi has been working on a non-profit organization, Apretaste (, that is currently connecting more than 80,000 people in Cuba to the web, via email. Cuba is one of the most disconnected countries in the hemisphere, with more than 11,200,000 inhabitants, but less than 25% with access to email only, and a staggering 5% of the population with access to the Web without restrictions. The platform for Apretaste is created using PHP and all the tools around it. Salvi will detail how the non-profit works and show the audience how applications and services can be intended to promote a social change. He firmly believes that software can be used to create the sort of change that will allow people from different backgrounds and cultures to pursue one common goal. The audience will have a unique opportunity to hear how an international open source project grows. PHP developers will learn how to use their favorite language to create applications that run solely on email, and they will be invited to collaborate and extend this technology to add new features and services available right away for people without Internet on the world, positively impacting their lives. They will be able to integrate this technology into their existing PHP projects, use the Apretaste API to access incredible data, and reach a broader audience. Developers will have the chance to use their skills to make a worldwide impact.