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Event Date: February 10, 2018 7:30 am - 5:45 pm



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Building Reusable UI Components in ASP.NET Core MVC

8:30AM-9:40AM, ASP.Net/MVC - Room TBD

ASP.NET proper MVC developers have long relied upon partial views and HTML helpers to construct reusable UI components. ASP.NET Core MVC expands upon the arsenal of options for creating such UI components by introducing view components and tag helpers. Do these new offerings render partial views and HTML helpers obsolete? Absolutely not! Using the right tool for the job is important, which means understanding the differences between these options is paramount. In this session, you'll gain an understanding of when it's most appropriate to use each of them in the real world. You'll also see how to create basic view components and tag helpers.

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Angular, the ASP.NET Pitch

9:50AM-11:00AM, ASP.Net/MVC - Room TBD

ASP.NET developers new to Angular or considering a transition from AngularJS to Angular have a challenge ahead. Being armed with the latest knowledge will help overcome the steep learning curve of Angular. In this session we’ll cover the decisions you’ll face when using Angular with ASP.NET Core. We’ll review project template options, Visual Studio integration points, and the role it serves in Angular architecture. After this session you’ll be ready to choose the right path for your next Angular app. Topics covered: File New Project, Angular & dotnet CLI, TypeScript, Webpack and Razor.


11:10AM-12:20PM, ASP.Net/MVC - Room TBD


1:20PM-2:30PM, ASP.Net/MVC - Room TBD


2:40PM-3:50PM, ASP.Net/MVC - Room TBD


4:00PM-5:10PM, ASP.Net/MVC - Room TBD