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Event Date: March 2, 2019 7:30 am - 5:45 pm



AI/Virtual and Augmented Reality | ASP .Net/Core 1 | ASP .Net/Core 2 | Azure/Cloud 1 | Azure/Cloud 2 | Career / Business Dev | DevOps | IoT 1 | Open Topics 1 | Open Topics 2 | SQL/BI | TBD 2 | TBD 3 | Web Development 1 | Web Development 2 | Xamarin/Mobile | All


8:30AM-9:40AM | 9:50AM-11:00AM | 11:10AM-12:20PM | 1:20PM-2:30PM | 2:40PM-3:50PM | 4:00PM-5:10PM | All

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7:30am - Registration - South Entrance
8:00am - Keynote - Lobby
8:30am - 9:40am - Session 1
9:50am - 11:00am - Session 2
11:10am - 12:20pm - Session 3
12:20pm - Lunch - Lobby
1:20pm - 2:30pm - Session 4
2:40pm - 3:50pm - Session 5
4:00pm - 5:10pm - Session 6
5:10pm - Wrap-Up - Lobby
6:00pm - After Party! - TBD

Room 2082 - Speaker Lounge
Room 1049 - IOT Lab - All day


2:40PM-3:50PM, AI/Virtual and Augmented Reality - Room TBD


2:40PM-3:50PM, ASP .Net/Core 1


2:40PM-3:50PM, ASP .Net/Core 2 - Room TBD


2:40PM-3:50PM, Azure/Cloud 1 - Room TBD


2:40PM-3:50PM, Azure/Cloud 2 - Room TBD


2:40PM-3:50PM, Career/Business Dev - Room TBD

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Zero to DevOps

2:40PM-3:50PM, DevOps - Room TBD

In this session, you will learn about Azure DevOps from an IT Pros perspective. As DevOps becomes more common IT Pros need to learn more about the CI/CD toolchain. Come to learn how to use Azure DevOps for your deployments.

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Introduction to Azure IoT Suite

2:40PM-3:50PM, IoT 1 - Room TBD

We will provide an overview of the various back-end IoT solutions using various technologies in Azure: IoT Hub, IoT Edge, Sphere, Functions, Stream Analytics, Power BI, and more. Also, there will be an overview of some pre-built solutions in Azure to get started: IoT Central and IoT solution accelerators.


2:40PM-3:50PM, Open Topics 1 - Room TBD


2:40PM-3:50PM, Open Topics 2 - Room TBD


2:40PM-3:50PM, SQL/BI - Room TBD


2:40PM-3:50PM, TBD 2 - Room TBD

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For Love or Money, your I.T. Career

2:40PM-3:50PM, TBD 3 - Room TBD

• Contracting at the cutting edge of technology is exciting and produces great rates. But what happens when the contract ends and the mortgage payments must continue? • Maintaining a steady job with a direct deposit salary is comforting. But do you ever feel technologically “stuck” at your job when so many other I.T. professionals are learning and using the latest, most marketable technologies? In this seminar session, you will learn multiple I.T. career strategies for maximizing both the Love and the Money of your multidimensional I.T. career.

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Make Your Existing Site a Progressive Web App

2:40PM-3:50PM, Web Development 1 - Room TBD

This session will introduce Progressive Web Apps and how you can turn an existing site into a PWA. We'll show how to create a PWA on a few different platforms, including ASP.NET.

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Hacking the Human Perception

2:40PM-3:50PM, Web Development 2 - Room TBD

Hacking you say? Yes, I do, but this type of hacking has nothing to do with hooking in Matrix style or surfing through The Gibson at Ellingson Mineral Company. Nope, this type of hacking involves how we as developers, create the illusion of fast load times for our Web applications. Performance is gaining much visibility in the industry and catering to the needs of the user, there are many things we can do to facilitate that need. This talk will focus on ways we can make things appear to be faster than they are and ways to avoid having to play Houdini entirely.


2:40PM-3:50PM, Xamarin/Mobile - Room TBD