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Event Date: March 2, 2019 7:30 am - 5:45 pm

Speaker Bio

Ibis Fonte

Ibis is a professor at, an extensive 9-month coding school in Miami. Her own career building software and embedded integrated technology spans for 25 years. She collaborated with the Miami Fashion Institute to bring FashionTech to the stage at Art Basel. She is well known as a local tech community leader, inspiring and mentoring others to pursue tech innovation and entrepreneurship. She is an advocate for women in tech, a IOT, neuroscience and brain-computer interface enthusiast, and public speaker.


Title:   Fast to Market with Bootstrap 4.1
Track: Web Development 2 - Room 2057
Time:  11:10AM-12:20PM

Title:   Wearable Technology
Track: Auditorium - Room 1124
Time:  4:00PM-5:10PM