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Event Date: March 2, 2019 7:30 am - 5:45 pm

Speaker Bio

Patricia Ojeda

Patricia Monica Ojeda is a dynamic and innovative business leader with an extensive background in Information technology, marketing and operations. She is a seasoned professional and serial entrepreneur with 20+ years’ experience spearheading innovative solutions to some of the most complex and challenging issues facing the commercial and public sectors. Acknowledged for her integrity, high professional standards, and "grace under fire.” She’s a versatile professional, leader in the local and Latin America business community, within Information Technology and Marketing industries. She has worked with IBM, Microsoft, PWC, CanAudit, WolfGroup and World Bank to name a few. She holds degrees in Information Technology, Operation Management; a post degree in strategic planning, and international certifications among other as IT Auditor, Project Management, Executive and Business coaching, Marketing and IT Asset Management. Patricia Monica is a high-energy business speaker on subjects like “How to use the technology to trade and grow”, “digital brand building”, “Brand yourself like a pro”, “Do your network or die”, and “Information technology and business”; and a recognized Business and Executive Coach. As a truly believer of the power of the social networking she’s a very active supporter of many community events and organizations around the world. After 9 years she sold Kaden Consulting Inc. keeping the management Social Media department under her leadership and she started three new ventures: PMO Business, a company dedicated to the provisioning of project managers for multi-industries. Coaching By the beach, coaching and consulting sessions where she help professionals and companies to discover passions, defining goals and strategize ideas.


Title:   Branding and Neuromarketing
Track: Career/Business Dev - Room 3047
Time:  2:40PM-3:50PM